Geeking out on Christmas Eve…

Twas the night before Christmas and not even the (computer) mouse was moving... My family and I were invited to one of my colleagues houses for a pre-Christmas get together, we had a great time, plenty of wonderful food and great conversation (thanks Olivier for the invite!) - among the attendees at said gathering was Patrice Pelland author of C# Express and VB Express books and all round geek.

Patrice was the only other person attending the meal that was also wearing a SPOT Watch [Patrice was wearing one of the new Abacus watches]

Turns out that Patrice needs a little prodding to get his blog fired up again, he's obviously a super smart/geeky guy that knows a ton about C# and VB programming, if you have a spare couple of seconds drop over to his blog and give him a prod (he can also be found online playing Gears of War and Halo on his XBOX 360, perhaps that's why he's not blogging).

- Mike

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