Halo3 Beta – call for testers!

Just seen this on BetaNews - Bungie is asking for xbox 360 owners (in North America) to sign up for Halo 3 Beta testing - I'm not sure how many people will get onto the program, but it's worth a try, right ?

- Mike 

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  1. Rudi Larno says:


    Should you not be deploying all kinds of whacky CE 6.0 images onto your XBox 360, instead of playing the latest beta of Halo 3?

    …uuhmmm, wait, … crc check … NO ofcourse not, Halo 3 beta, what where when… oh, only for US only? Ok, so back to trying to get this CE 6.0 Xbox working again.

    ps: love the stuff you do. (or get to play with)

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