CE 6.0 on Vista.

Since I had a couple of hours to burn on Monday evening waiting for the snow bound traffic to clear I decided to pave my laptop hard drive, install Vista and all of my usual development tools - including Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, and the Virtual Machine Network Driver for Microsoft Device Emulator (and of course install the Windows XP Embedded development tools!).

Here's what I've found so far...

Visual Studio installed on Vista without any issues (note that you should probably disable the SQL Express install if you are planning on installing Windows XP Embedded at a later date).

Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta also installed without any issues - at this point I could create, build, and run a C# desktop applicaiton on Vista (woot!).

The CE 6.0 install also went smoothly - I chose to install the ARMV4I (so I get the Device Emulator) and x86 processors (so I can deploy to a ICOP eBox 2300 box).

So at this point I have everything needed to build, deploy, and debug a CE 6.0 operating system image - so what was the experience of running the tools on Vista ?

The first thing I wanted to do was build a Device Emulator image based on the PDA device configuration and included IPConfig, and HTTPD Web Server (ipconfig so I can get the IP address of the Device Emulator, and the Web Server so I can try to connect to the Device Emulator from my desktop).

The o/s image built without any errors and I was able to boot the emulator image (see below) - notice that the networking icon shows that the Emulator has a valid IP address.

Device Emulator Vista

Once the image booted I use "s ipconfig /d" to get the IP address of the emulator - and then use IE7 from Vista to browse to the emulator image - this also worked just fine (WootEx !)

IE7 Vista Web Server

Device Emulator build, download, debug, and remote tools (I used the Remote File Viewer and Remote Registry Editor) - all of this worked just fine.

I have a problem downloading to an x86 reference board which is using LoadCEPC and Eboot.bin to load an image from the network - this doesn't appear to work using the CE 5.0 bootloader [I've heard that eboot.bin needs to be updated], the board starts, I can see the "BOOTME", Platform Builder accepts the BootMe but the image doesn't download to the board - there are a number of known issues using CE 6.0 and Visual Studio 2005 on Vista - and for both of the products there are planned service packs that should fix the known Vista compat issues - I will post more information on the service packs as it becomes available.

Overall the experience for Device Emulator appears to work quite well.

- Mike

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  1. obloch says:

    Hey Mike, I got the eBox working fine with the Vista/VS2005/PB6 conf.

    I Downloaded the CE 6.0 eBoot.bin from my eBox 2300 osdesign realease directory, renamed it to nk.bin, and forced loadcepc to boot on the local nk.bin kernel.


  2. mikehall says:

    I still have a Windows XP Pro SP2 PC in the office, so I used this to download a CE 6.0 operating system image to the eBox – then used Remote File Manager to connect to the eBox – the file system exposes the underlying flash as "Hard Disk" – it’s easy to drop the updated Windows CE 6.0 eboot.bin into the "hard disk" folder and then restart the device – now I can download images from Windows XP Pro "or" Windows Vista and CE 6.0 !

    – Mike

  3. Yesterday I posted an overview of my experience running CE 6.0 on Vista Enterprise – since then I’ve

  4. Jack says:


    i read now a lot about the new windows mobile device center, the replacement for activesync on vista. they all only mention the windows mobile, pocket pc or such versions of windows ce.

    what about any windows ce devices, which are neither a smartphone, pocketpc or so?

    is there any update for thw mobile device center planned?



  5. mikehall says:

    The WMDC should allow for connection and browsing of Windows CE based devices without any changes to the WMDC.

    – Mike

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