CE 6.0 CEFileWiz

I've had a number of people asking about availability of a CE 6.0 version of CEFileWiz - you can download the latest version of CEFileWiz here.

- Mike

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  1. Marc L. says:

    Thank you kindly for the very useful tool. I will use it to add the MFC runtime DLLs to my operating system image manually as you describe in the Writing MFC/Native Applications virtual lab.

    And speaking of MFC (grin), I noticed that with Platform Builder for CE 6, the MFC catalog item is no longer selectable from the Catalog View as it was with Platform Builder 5.

    Where can I retrieve the MFC header files I need to allow my MFC applications to compile for my SDK ? (…which of course was generated from an OS image that did not allow me to select MFC.)

    Thanks for your time !


  2. mikehall says:

    Hi Marc,

    The MFC runtimes and header files ship with Visual Studio 2005, not with CE 6.0 – assuming a default install of Visual Studio 2005 you can find the header files here – C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VCceatlmfcinclude

    – Mike

  3. Olivier says:

    Hey mike, i watched your ehow-to to add a file to my os on wince 5.0, but i cant find the menu to add my cec files to my catalog with wince6.0, can you help ?

    Thanks! Olivier.

  4. mikehall says:


    CE 6.0 doesn’t need to have components added to the catalog in the same way that CE 5.0 did. For CE 5.0 we had a central catalog repository (an access MDB file), for CE 6.0 we use the file system as the repository – take a look at the following example.

    Look in the following folder – C:WINCE600PUBLICCEBASECATALOG – notice that there are a number of .pbcxml file (Platform Builder Catalog XML file) – when Visual Studio/Platform Builder gets started it will walk the Wince600 folder structure looking for PBCXML files – typically one level deep from the Public folder – so you could create a folder called Wince600publicMyComponentCatalog – drop in your .pbcxml file and then start Visual Studio – or, if you already have Visual Studio/Platform Builder open then simply refresh the catalog to see the new component.

    – Mike

  5. Larry Hull says:


    I’m having problems with CeFileWiz (I think it’s more with PB60 & VS2005). I just used it to build a component called CoreCon which adds the ConManClient & CmaAccept files to my image. However when I add the component, I get the following message:

    "The project consists entirely of configurations that require support for platforms which are not installed on this machine. The project cannot be loaded."

    Then VS2005 crashes. But if I remove the CoreCon.reg file (which just contains comments) the I can add the component without any problem.

    Can you help?


  6. mikehall says:

    Larry – can you send me a copy of the .reg file ? – send to mikehall@microsoft.com

    – Mike

  7. Larry Hull says:

    Mike, I did a complete un-install and then re-install of PB60, and now adding components using CEFileWiz works without any problems. The first install was done via the internet, the second was from the DVD.

    I’d be lost without your blog! Keep up the great work.

    Thanks again


  8. mikehall says:

    Thanks Larry !

    – Mike

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