Yokohama: Embedded Technology Conference & Team Meal

This is probably the last post from Yokohama, tomorrow I fly back to Seattle after a couple of extremely interesting weeks on the road.

Today was the Embedded Technology Conference running in Yokohama, Microsoft ran a "private" conference for the launch of CE 6.0 and XPE Feature Pack 2007 - the day got started with a keynote (given by me!) which covered some of the history of CE, the new features being added to CE 6.0, and the features of XPE Feature Pack 2007 - there were around 700 attendees registered for the launch event and I would guess about 500 in the room on the day. After the keynote attendees could attend a number of breakout sessions given by Microsoft employees or by Windows Embedded MVPs - while the breakout sessions were running I was tucked in a side room giving press interviews. (here's the agenda for the day).

If you attended the Microsoft conference let me know what you thought of the content and demos!

Once the event was over I headed over to the exhibition center to check out the booth, unfortunately the exhibition was just about over. Once the booth had been torn down it was off to a backstreet Sushi bar for a team meal - this was really interesting! - just check out some of the cool dishes being served. First up, some kind of snail thing and fish pate (which was nice).

Next up some really, really good sashimi, really, really good (although, I wasn't too sure what that was on the right side of the plate tucked under the lime and wasabi - tasted ok though).

and to wrap up the meal, a winter soup, everything was raw in the pot and needed to be cooked at the table - Looks pretty cool, eh!

Right, that's it, tomorrow I head for the airport, next stop Seattle.

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Don Anderson says:

    Hey Mike

    Great to see your presentation of the Gumstix BSP for Win CE during your Technical Presentations at the launch of Win CE 6.0. Give me a shout when you get back from Japan.

    Don at

  2. Loke Uei says:

    oh man.. that looks soo tasty. Send me some!!

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