Zuning in Japan.

James Kim, Senior Editor at c|net takes a look at the new Zune - here's a link to the c|net video - more c|net coverage here

I have a Zune player with me on the road that I've been using to play music and video content which was excellent for the recent Seattle/London flight (the movie selections were not great) - The screen is a good size and is definately good enough for viewing movies/videos - having a built-in radio is useful.

I have a few hours to kill this morning before we get into rehearsals for the CE 6.0 launch event here in Yokohama/Japan - so I decided to review the slides/demos for tomorrow and also work on some code (I'm looking at writing a Remote Tool for CE 6.0 using managed code, not using the remote tools framework which currently only supports ARM processor for now). So headed for the local Starbucks, pulled open PowerPoint 2007, Visual Studio 2005, hooked up the Zune and looked busy :O)

More from the launch event tomorrow...

- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. How come you get a blue one Mike! Spill the beans! 🙂

  2. mikehall says:

    it’s actually black (or dark gray), the light shining through the hotel window makes it look kinda blue.

    – Mike

  3. Loke Uei says:

    ooo is that pair of the very expensive B&O headphones? 🙂 how does it sound?

  4. mikehall says:

    why yes, they are B&O headphones – sounds gggggrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttt !


    – Mike

  5. Loke Uei says:

    better than Shure?

  6. mikehall says:

    The Shure are better at cutting out external sound, but can be uncomfortable for long trips (like an eleven hour flight) – unfortunately one of the Shure ear plugs (or whatever they are called) stayed in my ear when I removed the headphone while in Barcelona (which was nice) and I couldn’t find any replacements without ordering online – so I decided to get some new headphones – the B&O’s are super comfortable, they do let in external sound, but the sound quality is excellent.

    – Mike

  7. Please excuse the recent lack of posts. I’ve been busy with travel, conferences, long distance relationship

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