CE 6.0 and XPE Feature Pack 2007 Launched! and 100% Kernel Shared Source.

Today, November 1st Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007 were launched at a Live Virtual Event from Microsoft Studios in Redmond/WA.

The event kicked off with a keynote given by Craig Mundie  (Chief Research and Strategy Officer) who joined Microsoft to look at non-PC devices and technologies so was there for the formation of the Windows CE team. Craig outlined the history of Windows CE and provided a look at where embedded technologies may be headed in the future.

Todd Warren (VP in the Mobile and Embedded devices group) then outlined the new features being announced with CE 6.0 and XPE Feature Pack 2007.

For more information...

Sue Loh's Blog posts covering the launch.

Looks like Sue has been busy !

Windows For Devices coverage of the launch - this includes discussion with Nic Sagez on the shared source announcements around launch - one of the big items is that the Kernel for CE 6.0 is now shipping as 100% shared source!

Look out for photos of the "Vest" I was wearing for the launch event (and of course the streaming keynote video!).

Rory Blyth was there for the keynote and managed to grab an interview with Craig Mundie and Todd Warren, expect to see these posted to MSDN Channel 9 shortly.

Right, I'm off to the airport, next stop UK, then Barcelona for TechEd 2006...

- Mike

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  1. Congratulations to the Windows Embedded team. The virtual launch event went off without a hitch this

  2. Nice "vest" Mike! (We both know what they are properly called. ;-)) Congrats on a great launch and bon voyage!

  3. Jose Simon says:

    Congratulation to everybody for a great event to launch a excellent product!

    Nice presentations Mike!

  4. 우리나라 시간으로 오늘 새벽 1시에 Microsoft 본사 Studio 에서 그 동안 잘 알려졌듯이 Windows Embedded CE 6.0 와 Windows XP Embedded

  5. Michael Pearce says:

    @Stewart Tansley:

    I agree with your comment, "Love the vest, Mike!".

    Cheers, Michael.

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