CE 6.0 on Vista.

Since I had a couple of hours to burn on Monday evening waiting for the snow bound traffic to clear I decided to pave my laptop hard drive, install Vista and all of my usual development tools – including Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Beta, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, and the Virtual Machine…


CE 6.0 CEFileWiz

I’ve had a number of people asking about availability of a CE 6.0 version of CEFileWiz – you can download the latest version of CEFileWiz here. – Mike


CE 6.0 – What happened to DCOM ?

John Spaith explains what happened to DCOM in CE 6.0 – you may have noticed that DCOM (Remoting) is not part of the CE 6.0 catalog – John also hints at what might be happening to DCOM Remoting. – Mike 


Windows Mobile Team Snowman…

Yep, here it is, the Windows Mobile team Snowman – Heading to a meeting in the next building I could see that the Windows Mobile team had been busy building a snowman outside of their building reception. Just one question – Was the snowman built by Program Managers, Developers, or testers… discuss… – Mike


Using CellCore with Windows Embedded CE 6.0

CE 6.0 ships with a number of new/updated features – this includes tools integration into Visual Studio 2005 (which provides updates to MFC, ATL, STL, WTL, compilers, C++ language conformance etc…) – kernel changes to support more than 32 processes and more than 32MB Virtual Memory per process. Beyond the tools and kernel changes there…


The iCup cometh (sometime soon)…

While I was waiting for Vista and Office 2007 to install and for 148th to stop being packed with traffic I decided to go make myself a cup of coffee (since the Starbucks in the Cafe had already closed) – I spotted the following right next to the existing coffee maker) – looks like the…


And then… it snowed…

It’s Monday November 27th at about 8pm in sunny old redmond – late afternoon it started snowing – you can see from the photo below that it’s only a couple of inches of snow on the ground, this has brought the roads in/out of Redmond to a stand still – you can probably see that…


Soap: a mouse-like pointing device that works in mid-air

This is kinda cool – a handheld “furry” wireless mouse like device created by Patrick Baudisch from Microsoft Research – the video includes instructions for building the device.  – Mike


MEDC 2007 Call for Papers – 11 Days remaining…

If you are interested in presenting a session at MEDC 2007 you have 11 days remaining to submit your session or lab title/abstract – go here to submit your session or lab information. Time to get busy! – Mike