Rory Blyth drops by…

Rory Blyth, the newest recruit to MSDN Channel 9 dropped by on Friday afternoon - about a year ago (almost exactly a year ago) Rory dropped by and we recorded a Podcast interview discussing Windows CE, Windows Mobile, an a host of other things.

This time Rory came with a video camera to record an interview for MSDN Channel 9 - We were joined by Derek Snyder who brought a range of interesting Windows Mobile devices with him including the new T-Mobile Dash and a Samsung i320 (which I managed to snag for my upcoming trip to Europe/Asia - thanks Derek!). I will let you know when the interview gets posted.

Rory also recorded a second video where we get to look at one of the CE 6.0 Launch Demos - I can't tell you anything about the demo since it uses some features of CE 6.0 that we've not announced yet smile_wink - You will have to join the "Live" Virtual Launch Event to see the demos! - I will of course talk about the launch and demos once the keynote is done.

- Mike

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