MEDC 2007!

Can you believe that today was the first meeting of the content owners for MEDC 2007 (the Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference) smile_whatchutalkingabout

It seems like we've only just completed the MEDC 2006 event series and here we are kicking off planning for the next one.

So, since we're in planning mode, I'd like to get some feedback from you around what worked well at this years event.

Do you want to see:

  • More hands on labs covering .NET MicroFramework, CE 6.0, Windows XP Embedded, and WEPOS ?
  • SumoRobots back again for MEDC 2007 ? (or something else - if so, what ?)
  • 100 level content online before the conference to get up to speed ?
  • What else ?

- Mike

Comments (6)

  1. I would like to find some way to interact better with other developers working on the same kind of things I do.

    I think that talking with other people that work on the same kind of applications, devices, problems is a great way to improve your skills and to know the problems you may find in your work (and, of course, to improve other people skills and their work). I know that in this way you may find also some competitors, but as on usenet newsgroups, collaboration between developer could lead to good results.

    I think that building some web-forums organized by interests areas (ex: ARM processors, GPS, communication and networking, point of sale software etc.) and open them a few weeks before the event could be a good way to promote this kind of interaction. Also organizing some "informal" meeting during lunch-break or after the event could be a nice way to build-up a network of people that could speed-up the development of microsoft embedded OS-based devices and applications.

    P.S. since Loke Uei Tan did the same request on his blog, I post the same message there.

  2. Cesar Fong says:

    What about some extra expos in another language for example spanish?

  3. jack says:

    the 100 sessions online is a good idea.

    a replacement of the 100 session with some specific topics going into the deeps of ce, similar to the windows ce team base blog would be cool.

  4. Sucka says:

    I loved the sumobot competition and would like to see it again in 2007.

  5. mikehall says:

    The Sumo competition is always a hit, I think we will either have Sumo or something similar to Sumo that involves code/robots/gadgets.

    – Mike

  6. Collin says:

    I’d like to see more hands on with actual devices.  Maybe a workshop on debugging and tricks using kitl.

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