CE 6.0 and XPE Feature Pack Launch Event – Golden Ticket.

The CE 6.0 and XP Embedded Feature Pack launch event is getting close (November 1st!) and you can virtually be at the event (or should that be "at the event virtually"?) - for the launch this year we will have a live (or should that be Windows Live?) keynote streamed directly from Microsoft Studios followed by a panel Q&A and then you have the option to view a number of pre-recorded sessions (10 sessions total, 8 covering CE 6.0, and 2 covering XP Embedded Feature Pack) and seven virtual labs (5 covering CE 6.0 and 2 covering XPE Feature Pack).

There will be a live audience at the event each of which requires the special "Golden Ticket" (see below) to get access to the live event - I'm hoping to get one of the tickets!

Of course if you are not able to attend live or virtually live then the content will be available for you to watch after the event from the launch site.

- Mike

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  1. Posted by: Sue Loh It is last minute notice, but in case you missed Mike Hall’s post about it and didn’t

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