CE 6.0 has been released to manufacturing (RTM).

On Friday September 15th CE 6.0 was officially released to manufacturing - there are three main updates with the new release.

  1. Operating System architecture.
    1. CE 6.0 now supports upto 32k processes with 2GB virtual memory per process (CE 5.0 supported a maximum of 32 processes with 32MB Virtual Memory per process)
    2. Operating system processes moved to kernel space (GWES, Device driver manager, file system manager are all in kernel space - improves performance)
    3. New Kernel mode and user mode driver model (CE 5.0 only supported user mode drivers) - kernel mode drivers for performance, user mode drivers for stability - plus you can now have multiple instances of the user mode driver manager (hey, you have upto 32k processes!)
    4. Strict partitioning of user mode and kernel mode (no SetKMode!)
  2. Tools.
    1. The CE 6.0 development tools are integrated with Visual Studio 2005 - this gives you one tool to configure, build, download, debug, and test the operating system and the same tool to write your native (Win32, MFC, ATL, WTL, STL) or managed (C#/VB) applications.
  3. Technologies
    1. This item intentionally left blank (ok, so it's not blank, but you get the idea) - more information on supported operating system technologies will be made available at launch.

Next step, launch... - When? - keep an eye on the blog for more information...

- Mike

Comments (19)

  1. On Friday September 15th CE 6.0 released to manufacturing, over the last couple of weeks we’ve been busy…

  2. maku says:

    sir, i would like to know the updates abt the win ce been developed from time to time.

    i hope u will do the needful.



  3. Colin Walker says:

    How backwards compatible is it with the current crop of WM5 devices? Do you think there is any likelihood of upgrades or will we probably just have to wait for AKUs?

  4. mikehall says:

    Note that this is the Windows CE "Embedded" release and is not a Windows Mobile release.

    The CE 6.0 tools can be used to build robots, industrial control systems, residential gateways, gas pumps, cow milking machines, and a whole variety of other embedded devices.

    There’s a good chance the Windows Mobile team will pick up CE 6.0 for a future release of their product.

    – Mike

  5. bob53050 says:

    Is there an outline of advantages that were presented at MEDC 2006 for CE 6.0? We are looking to evaluate but I need an advantage list that we can go over and present to management. Development/debugging tool advantages would be very useful as well.

    We are developing on one of the Advantech X86 boards currently using Win CE 5.0.

    – Bob Hanson

  6. Rachel says:

    Are we going to be able to get ahold of the Platform Builder shared source for this like we were able to for Windows CE 4 and 5?

  7. mikehall says:

    yes, we’re shipping shared source with CE 6.0

    – Mike

  8. utomo says:

    Yes, this is a good improvements.

    but we also need improvements for the Windows mobile, where the performance still not so good.

    and it is good if the PDA manufacturer use big memory, such as 1Gb intenal memory. Now the memory price already cheap. why still using 128 or 256 ?

    It will boost the performance.

  9. mikehall says:

    If you look at previous Windows Mobile releases you will see that the Windows Mobile team typically do pick up the latest Windows CE releases. Given the major changes to kernel and memory architecture, the number of supported processes and the amount of VM per process I would expect to see Windows Mobile devices based on CE 6.0 sometime in the future (timeline undefined).

    – Mike

  10. Mike C. says:

    Will Mobile Word be included with 6.0 for Smartphones?  How about any of the missing controls on Smartphones?

  11. mikehall says:

    Windows Embedded CE 6.0 is the release for embedded developers, not Smartphone – Windows Mobile devices are currently using Windows CE 5.0.

    The Windows Mobile team would make the decision about when they pick up CE 6.0 for their devices and which applications would be part of Pocket PC/Smartphone.

    – Mike

  12. I’ve had a number of questions come through on e-mail about the recently announced Windows Embedded CE

  13. Srinivasan S Saripalli says:

    i am interested to learn and write User Mode Drivers for WinCE. So does anybody have links and URL which tell me where I can order the evaluation toolkit for WinCE 6.0

  14. mikehall says:


    Windows Embedded CE 6.0 will be available as an evaluation download on November 1st – more information will be available at the Launch event web site – http://www.ce6launch.com

    – Mike

  15. johnny says:

    when i install windows ce 6.0

    need to input product key, when can provide it.

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