What would you do with Embedded $100 ?

I've just read Scott's $100 mobile question this seems like an interesting exercise.

It's very easy to ask what you would want to see in the next release of Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, or Windows Embedded for Point of Service - that's an easy question to ask, because the answer is of course "everything" - releasing a product is a juggling act between time and features - the more time you have the more features you can get into a product - there are often painful decisions to be made around whether to slip a product to get some features complete or whether to hold off on those features and perhaps release later in a "feature pack" or similar.

So, assuming that your development budget for the next release of Windows Embedded <insert product name here> was $100 - what would you spend that on, and how much would you assign to each embedded feature or tools update ?

- Mike

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  1. Richard Jones says:

    Maybe an impossible dream, but realtime in Managed code would consume my entire $100.

  2. Jon Daley says:

    I must not be understanding the question.  It costs more than $100 to get someone from Microsoft to talk to me about a license problem before they quit/get fired.

    Maybe that is because I am in the "Midas Touch" Gold support package…

  3. mikehall says:

    this is a virtual one hundred dollars – think of this as a development budget – given that you have one hundred (virtual) dollars, how would you spend that money – an alternative way of looking at this would be to consider a pie chart which is 100% of your development teams time, how would you divide the time/money for the next release of CE, XPE, or WEPOS ?

    – Mike

  4. Jon Daley says:

    Ah, I was thinking along the lines of:

    If I was going to make an embedded device that would cost (unit cost, not development cost) $100, where would the money go – i.e. also along the lines of the ce gadget folks – what nifty things can I make for very little money.

  5. How about a working version of ActiveSync ? The version embedded in Windows Mobile 5 and ActiveSync v4.2 is seriously broken – perhaps deliberately.

  6. Hey guys there are lot many things to be done, but perhaps $100 will be very less for that. But given that constraint  i wanted to equip my device with Wire-less connection ($50)and small app(like message interception) to support it($50), so that i can be anywhere but can still instruct my device or my device can send me the result back..

  7. pdohara says:

    $50 Create a UI that makes sense/works for an embedded device.  My area of interest is industrial.  Poking at tiny buttons in a noisy, probably poorly lite factory with a stylus (that is probably lost, so the guy is using a screww driver!) is not an ideal solution.  Take a look at HMI vendors.  Big buttons, lots of contrast, etc.

    $40 Ease deployment of single purpose devices.  What we build doesn’t have media players, internet browsers, or even a shell because it is supposed to do one thing only.  Our customers will not purchase a unit for the factory floor that would allow people to surf the net.

    $10 Tighten up the code base to require fewer resources.  Again the market I am in 32MB is a great deal of RAM.  I know $500 phones have more, but that is not the market I am in.

    Finally, I would trade the entire set for Microsoft to pay more attention to Windows CE.  Note I did not say Windows Mobile.  I am not building a SmartPhone or MP3 player.  I build industrial controllers and more and more I feel like Microsoft is not interested in people working on single purpose tools.  Of course there appear not to be many people in my space, so Microsoft likely is not interested :-).

    Pat O

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