MSDN Channel9: 3rd Generation Kernel for CE 6.0

CE 6.0 ships with a new kernel and memory architecture, in this MSDN Channel9 video we talk to Bor-Ming Hsieh and Sue Loh, both developers on the Windows CE kernel team

From Windows CE 1.0 through to the current shipping version Windows CE 5.0 there have been limitations on the amount of virtual memory per process and the number of processes that could run at the same time - some refer to this as the 32x32 limit, 32MB virtual memory per process, and a maximum of 32 processes.

The upcoming CE 6.0 release supports 2GB virtual memory per process and upto 32K processes!

This is the third kernel architecture change for Windows CE - Windows CE 1.0 through 2.12 supported the first kernel architecture, Windows CE 3.0 through Windows CE 5.0 supported the second kernel architecture (the major change was support for hard-real time systems), and now CE 6.0 introduces 2GB VM per process and 32K processes with other changes including kernel and user mode drivers.

- Mike 

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  1.   CE 6.0 ships with a new kernel and memory architecture (see this MSDN Channel9 video for a look at…

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