What’s with the moon ?

When I was at MEDC Malaysia with Loke and the MEDC team I noticed the new moon looked different to the new moon we typically see in Seattle and in the UK - the UK/Seattle new moon is just like the Dreamworks logo (see first image below)

but, when in Malaysia, the new moon looked like this...

Same moon, same week, different location - so why is the moon on it's side ?

- Mike

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  1. Pantone says:

    The Color was also different!

  2. Tashfeen says:

    I’d place my bet on the lat and long of the location you were in malaysia. This may be similar to some parts of the world experiance a solar/lunar eclipse while others get a partial or no eclipse at the same time. Seattle is in the NW of US while malaysia is in south east of Asia. There is the worlds biggest ocean in between. That may explain why one moon inspired dreamworks while the other as viewed by the south is more tilted :).

    as far as the moon being yellow, might have to do with the atmosphere content in malaysia (dust, pollution etc).

    I read the article in the link posted above my comment. The author mentions that "there is no historical reference to the moon prior to 1066". The Islamic and chinese calenders are based on the lunar (and chinese on both the lunar and solar positions). In fact, legend has it that the Chinese calender was invented by Emperor Huangdi in 2637 B.C.E.


    Cheers :),


  3. Loke Uei says:

    "as far as the moon being yellow, might have to do with the atmosphere content in malaysia (dust, pollution etc). "

    No silly, everybody knows that the moon is actually yellow. here, http://moon.google.com/. Zoom in all the way and you’ll see.

  4. Lauren Smith says:

    Do not believe Lokeuei. He is perpetuating a ridiculous liberal myth.

  5. Tom says:

    Because the earth is round. (And you’re at a very different angle relative to the moon when you’re standing up half-way around the planet from where you usually do)

    And it’s probably a different colour for that reason (check out why the sun is more red at sunset to figure out what I mean), and because of whatever rubbish is in the atmosphere in Malaysia.

  6. nadir says:

    but was it the same time??

    moon tends to look different color at rising/setting because we see it through more of the atmosphere, which discolors the moon to our eyes if there’s alot of particles (dust/pollen as some pointed out) in the atmosphere.

    nice pic though! i just bought a telescope and the views & photos of the moon are awesome.. but u were able to capture details without one!

  7. Blanket says:

    Lauren Smith is really "Lauren’s Myth."  I Googled it.  So it’s a fact.

  8. Lauren Smith says:

    "I want to name it Moon."

    It’s a conspiracy!

  9. matt flowers says:

    When you are at the equator you are at right angles to the plane of the lunar daylight terminator, at the pole you are parallel to it, hence the terminator appears to rotate through 90 degrees.  Unless of course you believe in a flat earth then it must be a conspiracy!

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