LinuxWorld: March of the Penguins…

Yesterday, Jason Stolarczyk, Dan Javnozon, and Mike Hall (yep, that's me!) headed for LinuxWorld - we took over part of Jillians close to the Moscone Center (location of the conference) - interestingly, none of the well big/known Linux players were at LinuxWorld this year (found that to be very interesting).

We invited attendees from LinuxWorld to "march" over to Jillians (perhaps a march of the penguins) see photo below...

March of the Penguins

We probably had around 100 people or so turn up to the meeting, had some arrive to chat before we were "open for business", and also had the VP of LinuxWorld turn up to see what we were doing (and perhaps grab some chicken wings and a beer).

Here's some photos from the meet/discussion - there were some really interesting discussions, and certainly a number of common mis-perceptions about access to Windows CE source, speed of development of both operating systems and applications, community and more - I think the discussions and tools demos were useful - there were certainly a number of comments about how easy it was to develop a CE 6.0 operating system image, add applications and debug the operating system.

So, on to the photos... Here's the crowd enjoying beer/food - the bar wouldn't let people leave the bar with their beer, so they either needed to abandon their beer or stay and talk about Linux/Microsoft technologies!

Here's Mike (someone or other) giving a demo of the CE 6.0 development tools - that certainly raised a number of questions about operating system architecture, access to source, componentization (is that a real word?), native and managed development, and a bunch of other things - very interesting, I'd like to have more of these conversations with Linux developers.

Not sure where this photo came from - this is a photo of some guy outside LinuxWorld holding a piece of card with something written on it, unfortunately we can't make out what it says, perhaps it's time for you (the reader) to come up with an appropriate title for the banner...

If you came along to the Microsoft discussion then do drop a comment with your thoughts/comments from the meeting.

- Mike

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  1. Channa says:

    The sign says… "Experience the Best eMbedded OS Ever! and More —>" — and directing towards Jillians.

    Since it is a small card, may be he is abbreviating it like "THE eOS XP+ –>"

    Ha.. ha.. ha..

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