Windows Embedded @ LinuxWorld ! (again)

If you are attending LinuxWorld in SFO on August 16th why not come along to Jillian's @ the Metreon from 6pm - 8pm (just across the street from the conference center) to chow down on some Penguin Chicken Wings and talk about embedded operating systems with some of the guys from the Windows Embedded team ? - We came to LinuxWorld last year and had some great conversations about Linux, Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service - if you feel like getting a mouthful (of Chicken Wings) and giving us a mouthful (about embedded operating systems) then feel free to come and chat.

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Rick says:

    Mike, is that you in the photo?

  2. mikehall says:

    yes, of course :O)

    – Mike

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