Windows CE 6.0 (Beta) Virtual Lab LIVE!

If you are interested in getting "Hands on" with the Beta of Windows CE 6.0 you can now head over to MSDN Virtual Labs and take a 90 minute hands on lab - you don't need Visual Studio or Windows CE tools installed to run the lab - you will need to install a small ActiveX control to be able to get to the back-end Virtual Server.

The Windows CE 6.0 Virtual Lab takes your through the typical process for configuring, building, and debugging an operating system image, you will also get to play with some of the new features of Platform Builder, including the new registry editor - we're using the new ARM based Device Emulator

Look out for more Virtual Labs coming closer to product launch.

We're definately interested in your feedback - was the lab useful? - is this a good way to get "hands on" with the Windows Embedded development tools.

- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. Alex Oleynikov says:

    Very useful lab – thanks Mike!

    Glad to see the complete integration of VS with WinCE development.

    One question – is there an analog to the Platform… menu, which allows tinkering with the OS SYSGEN constants?

    Thanks again,


  2. mikehall says:

    In VS2005 with Windows CE 6.0 you can either right-click on the OSDesign name in the solution window and then select properties – you can then get to the build options from the properties window.

    Or, you can select Project | Properties.

    – Mike

  3. T@N says:

    Hi Mike,

    Just went thru the lab, and I must commend on the carefully designed contents.I was simpy overwhelmed with the integration of VS2005 and the CE development.

    Your sections on customization and image explorer are very helpful, esp to ppl who have started working on CE lately… I’m one of them.

    I like the feel of the new catalog…. no intimidating icons!! The image explorer, esp the comparison feature, as well as the .reg editor are toughtful features… very helpful.

    Looking forward to getting hands-on CE6 Beta very soon.

    Thanks once again,


  4. Raghunandan says:


     Where can get the complete documentation for Ce6.0?



  5. mikehall says:

    The documentation ships with the Windows CE 6.0 Beta that was distributed at MEDC in Las Vegas and the international MEDC events.

    I do have a limited supply of MEDC Windows CE 6.0 Beta DVD’s, send me your name and address to and I will send out a copy of the Windows CE 6.0 Beta.

    – Mike

  6. ZhangZJ says:

    but the speed is so slow

  7. mikehall says:

    it’s true that the speed of the Virtual Lab is slower than running the same lab on your local PC we’re running the lab inside a Virtual PC environment.

    Hopefully the experience is good enough for you to walk through the lab and experience the Windows CE 6.0 Beta tools.

    – Mike

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