Windows CE 6 Beta running in Virtual PC – handing off lab to MSDN today…

The first Virtual PC lab is now tested/running (see the screen shot below) - I'm handing the lab over to MSDN today for testing and to release to the MSDN Virtual Labs web site.

This seems like an interesting way to get "hands on" with the Windows CE development tools since you don't need to burn a day installing the Visual Studio 2005 and Windows CE 6 development tools.


- Mike

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  1. Cesar Mello says:


  2. nojetlag says:

    Do you have a URL where it will be available later on ?

  3. mikehall says:

    yes, the labs will be hosted from the MSDN Virtual Labs site –

    – Mike

  4. Aaron says:

    How did you get a CE 6 image into the emulator? In your picture it looks like you are using the Emulator for Windows CE not Virtual PC 2004.


  5. mikehall says:

    Windows CE 6 ships with the new Device Emulator 2.0, which is ARM based – For Windows CE 5.0 the x86 emulator was a modified version of Virtual PC – you can’t run a Virtual PC image inside a Virtual PC image.

    For the MSDN Virtual Labs I’m using Virtual PC 2004 as the host for the lab – I’ve installed Windows XP Pro SP2 , installed the MEDC 2006 Windows CE 6.0 Beta bits which ships with the new ARM based Device Emulator 2 (which runs as an application, not a Virtual PC) – this means that I can build a Windows CE 6 image in Virtual PC and boot that image in the ARM emulator.

    In the image the outer frame is Virtual PC 2004, the emulator is booting/running inside Virtual PC.

    – Mike

    – Mike

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