Status of First Windows CE 6 Virtual Lab.

You will be pleased to know that I've finished building the first (of several) Virtual Labs for Windows CE 6 - the first lab is going to be based on the MEDC 2006 Windows CE 6 Beta drop and will cover configuring a Windows CE 6 operating system, adding an application, modifying the registry, setting breakpoints, debugging some code, and booting the o/s image in the new ARM Based Device Emulator.

The lab is built and running under Virtual PC 2004 - I have a couple of lab document tweaks and then the lab should be ready to hand over to MSDN.

The Virtual PC image is a whopping 12GB in size - good job you don't need to download the bits to run the Virtual Lab!

I will let you know when the lab is live and will look forward to your comments...

BTW - I'm recording another Windows CE 6 video tutorial tomorrow, this time covering creating a custom shell on Windows CE 6 using Managed Code (using the combined Visual Studio 2005 and Platform Builder for Windows CE 6 tools).

- Mike

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