ActiveSync 4.2 Released

ActiveSync 4.2 has been released to the web. Changes in ActiveSync 4.2 help resolve connectivity related issues with Microsoft Outlook, proxies, partnerships, and connectivity.

  • Microsoft Outlook Improvements: Resolves issues relating to error code 85010014.

  • Proxy/DTPT interaction Improvements: Improved auto configuration of device Connection Manager settings when desktop has no proxy path to the internet.

  • Improved Desktop Pass Thru behavior with ISA proxy failures.

  • Partnership improvements: Better resolution of multiple devices with the same name syncing with the same desktop.

  • Connectivity Improvements: Better handling of VPN clients (resolve unbinding of protocols from our RNDIS adapter). New auto detection of connectivity failure with user diagnostic alerts.

ActiveSync 4.2 supports PC sync via USB cable, Bluetooth, or infrared connection.

Download ActiveSync 4.2 here

- Mike

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  1. I am pointing out this blog post as I know of a good few friends and customers that run ISA Server that…

  2. Ah yes – but will it allow sync by modem connection of a mixed bag of PalmPC2.11, PocketPC, WM2003 and WM5 devices ?

    I just spent a day getting ActiveSync v4.2 to work under WindowsXP for a Dell Axim X51. The key appears to have been removing some no longer used network connections, including one outgoing MS VPN hookup. The built in troubleshooter was not very helpful, thank God for Google and Usenet.

    I upgraded a Win98SE machine that had ActiveSync v3.8 installed, with existing partnerships, and, so far, it appears that it still accepts serial and USB connections to the prior Win98/AS3.8 partnerships. Now I just have to hunt down a modem and try dialing in with all of these devices to see if this is a realistic upgrade scenario for my customer to use, since he can no longer procure non-WM5 PDAs, and doesn’t want to have to re-establish partnerships for the 200+ deployed devices in the field…

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Mikehall,

    I see ActiveSync 4.2 support Windows Mobile 5.0 and older Smartphone, PocketPC and older Windows CE. But it seems not support Windows CE 5.0 (Macallan), does that means ActiveSync will not support Macallan and later Windows CE version?

    Visual Studio 2005 need ActiveSync to deploy and running application for Windows Mobile 5.0, but this does not work on Windows CE 5.0 because of ActiveSync not supported in Macallan.  Any suggetion on how to run VS2005 application on Windows CE?

  4. mikehall says:

    You have a number of options for debugging applications from VS 2005 to Windows CE 5.0 – I tend to use Ethernet since it’s a lot faster than serial – here’s a tutorial that shows how to configure the VS/CE environment to get TCP debugging working.

    ActiveSync 4.2 should work just fine, have you had ActiveSync working against this device in the past ?

    – Mike

  5. I am pointing out this blog post as I know of a good few friends and customers that run ISA Server that

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