Windows CE 6 – Virtual Labs ?

I'm thinking about setting up some Windows CE 6 Virtual Labs, similar to the existing Virtual Labs on MSDN - so, if the labs were 30-60 minutes in length would you take the labs ?

- Mike 

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  1. estebanf says:

    I would…

  2. Kris says:

    I would too…

  3. BradChen says:

    It sounds great! I’d like to try it.

  4. Ning Ling says:

    Sure! Of course.

  5. Manish Jaggi says:

    Great, Why not

  6. david says:


  7. richardjjs says:

    As soon as possible please

  8. Sure Mike ! !  …sincerely, I think that the Server of microsoft won’t support the people connected ! !  rsrsrsr..I am playing ! !

    Mauricio de Sousa Coelho

    Windows Embedded Developer

    Connec Brasil

  9. KumarSPS says:

    YES, I would join IN

  10. Michel says:


  11. Roberto Brunetti says:


  12. kevin says:

    Yes, of course.

  13. casner says:

    When 6 is stable enough to coexist on my machine with 5, and not break the debug channels I would really like to.  So far I haven’t installed it because of warnings at MEDC2006.

  14. mikehall says:

    casner, these would be virtual labs – you connect to an MSDN web page which displays a Virtual PC image so you can run through the labs – you won’t need to install any of the Windows CE tools on your PC to run the virtual labs.

    – Mike

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