Heading for Malaysia and my new Windows CE 6 Tools Demo

Tonight I head for MEDC Malaysia - I fly from SeaTac at 11pm heading for Vancouver Canada (one hour flight), then pick up the Cathay Pacific flight from Vancouver to Hong Kong at 2:55am (13 hours 15 minutes), then Hong Kong to Malaysia at 8:50am (3 Hours 40 Minutes) - total distance 8,078 miles and nearly 18 hours of flights - I should be at the hotel by 2pm local time on Monday 26th June - just in time for rehearsals (keynote and sessions).

The next morning we jump straight into the MEDC event - I'm presenting in the keynote (Windows CE 6, Windows XP Embedded with Avalon, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service) - and two sessions, one covering Windows CE 6 "What's new" and kernel architecture - the second session covers Windows CE 6 tools.

The Windows CE 6 tools session has a grand total of 5 slides, everything from that point forward is demo - so I've decided to do the following... Configure a new o/s image based on the Thin Client configuration, take out the WBT shell (the device boots to a black screen since it no longer has a shell), use/modify some of the Windows CE 6 shared source to create a "Launcher Application" - this is a Win32 application that doesn't have a UI (everything happens in WinMain), and then create a .NET Compact Framework application as part of the same workspace that gets mapped to the Launcher Application folder ("\Startup").

The neat thing about this demo is that it covers most of the tools, configuration, build, registry, DAT, BIB, managed code, shared source, plus gives me the chance to show some of the new tools functionality!

Interestingly, I spend about the same amount of time on the ground in KL as in the air travelling to/from the event!

- Mike

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  1. Michael Waters says:

    Hi there Mike Hall, this is my first foray into this page…however I am a believer in smaller is better for maximum resource usage.

    Very informative : I will continue to follow this site and your travels, by the way I just moved from Hawaii to Guelph,Ont., why are you going to Malaysia?   Thanks Michael Waters

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