New ICOP eBox 2300 – and Windows Embedded Student Challenge Projects.

Yesterday evening I took delivery of a shiny, new eBox 2300, the box is pretty small (see image below compare to a Windows Vista "Talking Rain" soda can) - This box has all the functionality of the eBox-II except for no parallel port - everything seems to be there, 128MB Ram, ethernet, video, audio in/out, CF Card slot, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, 3xUSB (great for Phidgets or USB Digital I/O). 

Here's the eBox from the front...

I spent some time over at the Windows Embedded Student Challenge 2006 today - unfortunately not as long as I would have hoped, I ended up covering meetings for Dan, the Windows CE Product Manager, who's wife had a baby yesterday!.

Teams each take turns presenting their projects to a panel of 4 judges who score the project. Each team gets 15 minutes, 10 minutes to present, 5 minutes to demo, and some time for Q&A (see image below).

This years projects looked awesome (and I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to get around the whole room to see all 30 teams projects), so here's a brief sample...

First up is a robot to be used in nuclear power stations, this robot is capable of climbing stairs (and descending them) has a 360 degree camera and a remote controlled arm, very cool.

Next up is an intelligent street lighting system - if it's 3am and there aren't any cars on the road then why do we need to have street lights on? - imagine the amount of power that could be saved if streetlights only came on if cars were on the road - the system below turns on a series of lights ahead of the vehicle and then turns the lights off after the vehicle has passed - quite interesting!

Here's a team that have built an intelligent scarecrow - the unit has an IP camera which sends images to the eBox which uses a C# application to determine motion - but with a twist, if the person/thing that's moving is wearing a specific (configurable) color garment then the scarecrow doesn't come to life - when it does come to life it can either make a loud noise or fire water cannons to scare away the bird/animal.

I also captured a photo of an intelligent windscreen/windshield - this would display dots on the windscreen that exacrly covered your eyes to mask the headlights of oncoming cars so you, as a driver wouldn't be blinded by oncoming cars, very neat - unfortunately the image didn't come out :O(

Oh, at lunchtime, outside the presentation room, there were a stack of Pizza's that were made with 100% "real cheese"... I wonder what other pizzas are made from??

- Mike

Comments (6)

  1. chandan datta says:

    the competition is great ,as always.Wonder what you can deliver with that ebox !!!

    Robots using ebox !! Do we need the Microsoft Robotics Studio ??

    Which is the winning project ??

    What does it take to reach the finals ??

  2. Tom says:

    The new ICOP looks great.  I just wish someone would come out with a reference board that supports WSXGA for all the plasma’s a LCD tv’s out there.  I assume this one is still at 1280/1024?

  3. Jon Daley says:

    I have assumed that the "Real ™" means that it isn’t actually cheese, or at least not 100% cheese.  There is at least one pizza place around here (Pittsburgh) that puts that on their pizza.

    Tastes fine, so they did a good job with the plastic or whatever it is…

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