Windows Embedded Student Challenge 2006.

The finals for this years Windows Embedded Student Challenge (WESC) get started tomorrow, Thursday June 22nd with all teams coming together for a welcome dinner being held at the Microsoft Conference Center (MSCC) - Todd Warren Corporate Vice President, Mobile and Embedded Devices Group will host the dinner.

I'm going to be at the dinner and will mingle with the teams - this is the third year of the Student Challenge, the first year I was presenting in India the day before the finals started, so I had to fly from Bangalore to Mumbai, to Amsterdam, and then to Seattle, my flight landed with just enough time to drive to the Microsoft conference center and take part in the event.

This year I get to spend time at the dinner on Thursday evening, and will get to see the teams projects on Friday morning, unfortunately I need to run to the airport to get flights to Vancouver (Canada), Hong Kong, and then Malaysia to present at the final MEDC International event - so I'm going to miss the finals - hopefully someone will post the results on their blog and send me a link.

- Mike

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