MSDN Channel9 – Robotics Studio Video.

Take a look at the Microsoft Robotics Studio video over on MSDN Channel 9 - you get to meet the team behind MSRS and get to see the tools (and robots) in action!

Also, take a look at the MSRS press release :

At RoboBusiness, Microsoft and several industry partners offered working models and demonstrations of Robotics Studio technology in action:

CoroWare Inc., an Innova Holdings company, showed its Surveyor 3000, a mobile service robot that can be remotely operated or programmed to run semiautonomously.

KUKA Robot Group showed a lightweight robot prototype controlled via a remote joystick service, using Microsoft Robotics Studio-based services.

Robosoft showed its six-wheeled robuROC6 robot, capable of autonomous navigation across difficult terrain, which highlighted how a distributed architecture, built from its robuBOX™ robotics core, could be easily controlled via the Microsoft Robotics Studio runtime.

RoboticsConnection featured a tracked Windows XP-based robot utilizing one of its Serializer™ .NET Robot Controller boards, via Microsoft Robotics Studio and Serializer services.

White Box Robotics Inc. showed a telepresence scenario featuring its 914 PC-BOT. The 914 was controlled via a Robotics Studio-driven Web-based interface, accessible remotely over a network.

“KUKA and Microsoft have enjoyed a strong relationship for many years,” said Bernd Liepert, CEO of KUKA Robot Group. “With the introduction of the Robotics Studio, we see the possibilities for enabling completely new business scenarios in new market segments and for new products in our current markets.”

In addition, Microsoft showed working Microsoft Robotics Studio demos from fischertechnik, LEGO Group, MobileRobots Inc., Parallax Inc. and Phidgets Inc.

Looks like Microsoft Robotics Studio is going to be extremely cool!

- Mike

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