Microsoft Robotics Studio CTP Available !

Microsoft Robotics Studio Community Tech Preview is now available for download.

There's a ton of information about Microsoft Robotics Studio on the MSRS site, including case studies, tutorials, and of course the CTP download of the bits.

Go check it out !

- Mike


Comments (2)

  1. James says:

    Very good product. Man Excelent

  2. Ali TEKE says:

    We are CASIO Handy Terminal Distributor of Turkey.

    We want to develop device drivers which run on Win CE 4.1, so need to get DDK(platform builder) for Win CE 4.1. But i couldn’t find it on your site and there is no information about how to get or buy Win CE 4.1, only WinCE 5.0 is available. How can i obtain the version 4.1  ?

    Thanks in advance.

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