MEDC 2006 Tokyo – Conference Room Names based on Windows CE Products.

MEDC 2006 Japan was based at the Meguro Ga Jo En hotel - this is a really nice hotel and conference center. Interestingly some of the conference rooms appear to be named after Windows CE device codenames - for example Pegasus (HandHeld PC 1.0), Jupiter (HandHeld PC 2.0).

So that's why the Microsoft team in Japan chose this place :O)

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Sorry I missed it.  I’ll be sure to catch it next time it rolls around these parts when they hold it at a local bar (or tree farm).

  2. galego says:

    And Cassiopeia was a Windows Cassio PDA 🙂

    Should SIRIUS and ORION be the code names of new devices?

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