MEDC Australia has been and gone, there were two tracks each covering four sessions - on the "Embedded" side of the house we had Windows CE 6 Kernel, Windows CE 6 tools, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS).

Based on the questions at the event the content seemed to be a good fit for the audience - If you attended the event I'd be interested in your feedback, what worked well, what could we do better next time around - Would you prefer to see a multi-day event covering 200-400 level content ?

Between now and the next MEDC Oz what can we do to help you be successful with your Windows Embedded projects ?

- Mike 

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  1. Michael Pearce says:

    Hi Mike,

    Great to meet you at MEDC’06 in Oz.  Also, thanks for the opportunity to comment.

    Venue:  Good choice.  Centrally located and easy access for local and interstate attendees.

    Content:  My opinion is that the content was good, considering the duration of the event this year.  What would be nice is to hold it over two or more days (with 200-400 level content) PLUS run hands-on labs and/or interactive demonstrations that developers can get their hands dirty in.

    Technology:  Seems like CE6 had the limelight at MEDC2006 in Oz.  The impression I took away is that CE is really on the move, WEPOS looks promising and XPe (apart from WEPOS) is stable but not really moving forward much.  I made a few comments on this on my blog (

    I hope this information is useful and can be helpful for future events.


    Michael Pearce.

  2. mikehall says:

    Thanks Michael, good feedback – I’d also like to see this event expand to two days and cover labs and 200-400 level content – I will pass your feedback over to the Oz events team.

    – Mike

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