MEDC 2006 Japan – meet the Microsoft Seattle Crew.

It's Tuesday May 30th, we're now in Tokyo getting ready for tomorrow's MEDC 2006 event. Loke and I left Sydney/Australia at 10pm last night, arrived in Tokyo at 6am this morning, then had a 90 minute bus ride to the hotel - arrived at the hotel just after 9am.

Loke and I met up with Mel Sampat (front left) and Derek Snyder (back right) for Breakfast at the hotel.

Take a look at the breakfast menu (below) - notice the "American Breakfast", and the alternative "Healthy Breakfast" :O)

This afternoon and evening we're going to be in session and keynote rehearsals - hopefully we will capture some images and video from the event.

- Mike

Comments (2)

  1. Rosyna says:

    What hotel is this? That menu looks exactly like the one I had at the Cerulean Tower.

  2. Rosyna says:

    Oh, hah! It is the Cerulean Tower. I didn’t see the comment below it. I sooo love that place. Especially the bathrooms.

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