MEDC Keynote Australia – Dancing Director and Roo Jerky.

Melbourne, Australia, Thursday May 25th - Today we kicked off the the MEDC Australia event - during the keynote John Dietz, Director in the Microsoft Mobile and Embedded Devices group was seen dancing on stage, showing off his HTC StarTrek Smartphone and playing music through his Motorola Bluetooth headphones.

There's also some interesting food here in Oz - check out Andreas with a packet of Kangaroo Jerky - apparently Australia is the only country that eats animals that are on it's countries coat of arms.

We've recorded some interviews at MEDC Australia - we're hoping to get these posted over the next few days.

- Mike

Comments (3)

  1. frankarr says:

    that’s not all we do with our national emblem

    check this little beauty

  2. what says:

    Do they have any Koala Jerky?

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