MEDC Oz – May 25th, Melbourne – Embedded Content.

The MEDC international tour gets started this weekend with Loke Uei (Content owner for MEDC Las Vegas, and Windows Mobile developer type), Andreas Penna (Windows Embedded Compete) Doug Boling (Windows CE, great speaker, book author), Sean Liming (Windows XP Embedded and WEPOS, also a great speaker, book author) and I heading for Australia.

MEDC Oz kicks off on May 25th in Melbourne - the Embedded Track has four sessions, as follows.

  • Windows CE 6 Kernel - Doug Boling

  • Windows CE 6 Tools - Mike Hall

  • WEPOS development - Sean Liming

  • Windows XP Embedded Boot options - David Jones (RMIT)

Of course we're also going to be on hand to answer questions during breaks/lunch etc...

This is going to be my first trip to the land of Oz, so I'm really looking forward to the experience (apart from the 20 or so hours of flights to get to Melbourne!) - I'm just hoping it's not too hard to find the local Starbucks for some great coffee when we finally arrive <ducks for cover>. Also, I hear the food in Australia is excellent, I'm really looking forward to getting to the Outback steakhouse to try out some local food <ducks again>.

- Mike 

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  1. Michael Pearce says:

    Hello again Mike,

    I’m all booked and ready to go with MEDC – really looking forward to the event.

    If you check the Outback steakhouse website location information (, you will notice that there are only 2 here in Australia, both in a different state to where you will be for MEDC.  I’ve lived here most of my life and have never yet been to one!!

    How long are you here for?  If you have any spare time in your schedule and you would like a bit of a "tour" around please get in contact with me (check my contact details on the MSDN blogsite).  Plenty of things to see, do and eat within a short drive of Melbourne that are not expensive or part of the tourist trap. 🙂



  2. Anna says:

    I know it was a bit of tongue in cheek, but please do not drink at Starbucks when you’re in Australia. Firstly, you’ll be in Melbourne (which is where Australia’s coffee culture began) and secondly you’ll be in a country that doesn’t serve up warm milk or dirty dish water and call it coffee. Please, please, please try some coffee from a little, local cafe.

    And all this coming from a gal who doesn’t drink coffee!!!

  3. Mahesh says:

    Hi Mike,

    Hope your Oz tour was cool. After meeting mighty mites, it would be nice to see you in Tokyo. Its becoming hot here, might because of this event. Definitely not as hot as your Banglore, India tour.

    Hey, there is Starbucks at airport arrival lobby (3rd floor I remember). Yup, sushi – you can try that. (Sorry I am vegan..)

    I have met Andreas a few times(I havent seen his name in Japan schedule, this time). See ya.

    Yoroshiku ne!


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