The Podcast crew have been busy at MEDC 2006 in Las Vegas - we have more content to come, here's some additional content we've added today. Here's how to get the content  (MEDC 2006 FeedBurner site and RSS feed  )

  • Tour of the MEDC 2006 Hands On Labs

  • Reactions to Windows CE 6

  • Meet Dan Javnoson, Windows CE Product Manager

  • MEDC Pod-Attack, this time the team attacks Mike Hall

  • MEDC 2006 Expo Hall

  • Chris Muench - Games/Graphics Development on Windows Mobile

  • T-Shirt giveaway

  • Chris Tacke Pod Attack

  • Interview with Jim Wilson

  • Mobile PC giveaway

  • Loke Uei (MEDC Content Owner) Interview

  • Brian Cross (Windows Mobile Robot) Interview

  • Mark Cliggett (XPE Product Unit Manager) Interview

  • Jonathan Lyons (Windows CE Tools/IDE) Interview

  • John Hatch (Windows CE 6 Kernel) Interview

  • Mel Sampat (Windows Mobile Application Compat) Interview

  • David Kelley (Windows CE Development Manager) Interview

  • Pieter Knook & Todd Warren (VP's Mobile & Embedded Devices Group) Interview

  • Brett Taylor (Windows Mobile Lab Guy) Interview

Look out for the .NET MicroFramework SumoRobot competition video hopefully we will ge this up over the next couple of days.

- Mike

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