MEDC 2006 Las Vegas – a week inside.

MEDC 2006 Las Vegas is now over - at the end of the last day I spent time talking to attendees and speakers, everyone seems to agree that this years event had a really good feel to it, there was a definate buzz at the event, it "felt" busy. The announce of Windows CE 6 Beta with the kernel changes and tools update seems to have gone over really well.

I arrived at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday morning, May 7th and started work on keynote, sessions and labs, the only time I stepped outside the hotel was 8:30pm on Thursday May 11th to head for the airport - that was one really busy week.

One of the strangest sights at the Venetian hotel is the living statue - the guy just stands there for hours, very strange.

Once the MEDC International events are over I can concentrate on getting some Windows CE 6 articles published to MSDN and also work on getting some video tutorials pulled together. Next stop is Melbourne/Australia on May 25th. Loke Uei and I are planning on taking video cameras to the international events so we can interview speakers and attendees to get their thoughts on Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile development.

- Mike

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  1. nadir says:

    your video tutorials are awesome! helped me tons getting started on xpe a couple summers ago.

  2. Michael Pearce says:


    With so many new tools and releases around Win CE.NET it makes me wonder where XPEmbedded is at.

    I’m currently in the early stages of a new device development project in which we may use XPE, but compared with the new CE6 tools (ie. Visual Studio integration, etc.) the toolset seems old and clumsy to use.

    Anything you can share with us regarding the future of XPE in terms of new toolsets, features and so forth?

    Regards, Michael.

  3. Paul says:

    Computers, software, Vegas, blah blah blah…

    Did nobody notice the important point here?

    Happy birthday, Mike!

  4. Mike,

    Thanks for the coverage of MEDC’06.

    When will the session slides/ppt and keynote video be made available to the public?


  5. mikehall says:

    Michael, the future of Windows XP Embedded was discussed in the day one keynote – the talking points in the keynote described feature packs for XPE that update tools and o/s features (remember the WinFX demo from the keynote?).

    Also, check out the interview with MarkCli from the XPE Team on the MEDC 2006 FeedBurner site –

    Paul, thanks for the Birthday wishes, I assume this is for 10 years of Windows CE (since my Birthday isn’t until next month!).

    Krishna, Sessions/Keynote Video – not sure when this is going live – I will of course post a link on the blog when this is online.

    – Mike

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