MEDC Down Under – Who’s Presenting/What’s the content ?

The Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference (MEDC) is coming to Australia on May 25th - here's the Event Web Site. I'm going to be covering the new Windows CE 6 tools, giving a walkthrough of the new developer experience, showing how to configure, build, debug operating system images, showing what's new, what's 'old' [what's going to be familiar to existing Windows CE developers) - there's a ton of content to cover, and of course I will be around during breaks and lunch to meet and answer questions.

The other speakers involved in the event are:

Check out the list of Embedded and Mobile sessions on the MEDC Oz web site.

This is going to be a hoot!

- Mike

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  1. In case you haven’t already seen the blogs from others, such as Dr Neil Roodyn, Mike Hall and Frank…

  2. parsley says:

    Why is Doug boiling? Has the air conditioning malfunctioned?

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