MEDC 2006: Podcast – Lab setup at TSG.

If you've attended a Microsoft event that has a registration area, hands on labs, communications network such as MEDC, Tech*Ed, PDC and others then you have probably seen some of the Microsoft TSG (Technical Support Group) lurking around the place - these are the un-sung heroes of Microsoft events - TSG supports keynotes (hardware, networking etc...) and events with lab setup, networking, registration etc...

Last night Jonathan Lyons (Windows CE Tools PM) and I were working on setting up and testing some of the Windows CE labs running at MEDC.

One of the TSG techs working on MEDC is Justin Gilmore I managed to grab an interview with Justin and  a tour of the lab build-out room.

You can reach the videon on the MEDC 2006 FeedBurner site through the RSS feed  or directly here.

- Mike

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