More MEDC 2006 Video Podcasts… Sumo Robot and MEDC Team Meeting.

We've just released two more videos to the MEDC 2006 Video Podcast feed   (FeedBurner site here).

So what are the new videos?

We're running a Sumo Robot competition at this years event (hoorah!) - this time with a difference, the Robots will be running the .NET MicroFramework, which means you get to program the robots in C# from Visual Studio 2005 (double hoorah!). In the first video we get to meet Colin Miller and Donald Thompson from the .NET MicroFramework team.

In the second video we get to meet the team behind MEDC 2006 - The planning for this years MEDC event got started back in July 2005, for the last few months we've been having weekly meetings covering content, labs, logistics etc... - this is an interesting peek behind the scenes.

- Mike

Comments (8)

  1. Antoine says:

    The link to the .NET MicroFramework video does not work for me (as of April 21st). I get a 404.

  2. The MEDC Podcasters are back, giving us the latest news about this years MEDC……as it’s happening…….

  3. Doug Abbott says:

    Hmmm, so what is ".NET MicroFramework"?

  4. mikehall says:

    The video feed is now fixed – sorry that this was down. Go take a look at the videos.

    The .NET MicroFramework is explained in the Sumo Robot video.

    – Mike

  5. Hi Mike:

    What was added to the Parallax Sumobot package?

    The Podcast said it would run on an ARM7/9 or a Motorola 68000 with 250K.

    What components were added to the Sumobot to

    go to MEDC?  The podcast showed a sumobot with no apparent modifications.



  6. mikehall says:

    For the last two years we’ve been running Sumo competitions at MEDC based on robots running Basic STAMP – this year the Robots are running on the .NET MicroFramework, you program the robots in C# from Visual Studio 2005 !

    – Mike

  7. Renato says:

    Hi Mike,

    where it is possible to buy the Sumobot with .NET MicroFramework? I find only those with Basic STAMP 🙁


    renato (Italy)

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