Free and Cool – Visual Studio and Programming Robots…

Here's two announcements which in their own right are pretty cool, but add them together...

It's just been announced that Visual Studio Express will be free indefinitely ! - this is awesome news for hobbyists, students etc...

So, now that you have your Visual Studio Express tools installed and working what exactly are you going to do with it ? - perhaps write an application to track your stamp collection, or favorite recipies (great ideas, but I'm sure you would agree that these are pretty boring, right?).

How about building your own Lego Mindstorms robot and then programming this through Visual Studio ! - Now that sounds more like it... Check out the Coding4Fun site to get more information.

- Mike


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  1. Bukovansky Richard says:

    Sounds awesome, but for CE&WM developers don’t…

    Mike, do you know if Microsoft is planning some "free devices-only-development" Visual Studio Editions like eVC 4.0 was?


  2. mikehall says:

    how did I know that was going to come up as a question ;O)

    I would suggest this question gets posted over to the .NET Compact Framework team or the Visual Studio for Devices team blog –

    If you get an answer please drop a comment here…

    – Mike

  3. MobileDevGroup says:

    I am with the Visual Studio for Devices Team. At present there are no immediate plans to build an Express SKU for Devices. We are looking at Market Data and need to see if this justfies the investments being made to produce a new Express SKU for device development.

    If you want to do Managed Development (VB,C#), the Compact Framework is available as part of the .NET Framework SDK and enables building of .NETCF Applications using command line.


    Amit Chopra

  4. Bukovansky Richard says:

    Amit, thanks for answer. I’m already developing WM apps with VS2005, but I think, if you do it (Express SKU for Devices), lot’s of new developers will come as freshmen or will convert from other platforms.

    And you know, WCE5&WM5 with .NET CF 2.0 are really freaking cool! 😉

  5. nadir says:

    as a student, this is awesome … i’d like to see universities finally teach some useful languages ! Our school is everything Java… but not too hard to switch over to .NET after though.

  6. Jeff Lewis says:

    I jsut want to say that as a long time fan of VS.NET and an owner of VS Pro 2005, I think this is fantastic.

    Thanks guys – this means a lot of people can get into .NET programming for free and learn enough to hopefully see how much fun it is.

    Adding a Visual Devices Express would be excellent – but don’t think we’re not grateful for this. 🙂

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