VB Programmers – Thought for the day…

So, I've been thinking, how do VB programmers keep their pants (trousers) up without braces ?

- Mike

Comments (5)

  1. Lauren Smith says:

    Trick question.  Little girls wear skirts.

  2. nadir says:

    hahahahahha @ Lauren’s post …

  3. Christopher Lewis says:

    Lots of belts ()

  4. Paul says:

    Who needs pants?

  5. Ranter for 2 days only says:

    Who’s picking on VB 😉 C# makes my device crash regurarly and my desktop feel like Atari. Ops, I meant .NET.

    Back to asm optims, ditch Vista, and framework rewrite in anti-bloat, anti-laziness, anti-productivity-leads-to-no-gravity language:

    Only joking, almost 😉


    Bjarne Got++

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