MEDC 2006 – What if you owned the keynote ?

MEDC 2006 is just a few weeks away, today we had the first keynote demo review. Most of my demos are built and running, there's still some work to do, but at least I know what that looks like, so it's just a case of bashing out the code.

So, if you owned the MEDC keynote what would your demos be ?

- Mike

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  1. i’d love to see the managed XNA demo running the same code on a mobile device with MD3DM and an XBox 360 with whatever form of DirectX it uses

  2. I do some CE training here in Italy and a demo that shows the real-time performances and ease of development on CE could be a "how to handle an interrupt in less than 20 minutes of coding" 🙂

    I usually add a "dummy" interrupt using a GPIO pin on the PXA270 board I use (or on the ISA/PC104 slot on PC boards on somewere else on customer’s boards), handling it in the OAL and then inside a very simple application with a simple IST that shows a message box when the interrupt is received.

    In this way you may show the architecture of CE interrupt handling, the code structure of BSP/OAL and how simple is hardware access on CE.

    If you add some code to change an IO pin state each time you receive an interrupt in both the ISR and the IST you can also show the interrupt response time of CE.

    I usually do that putting the IST at the regular app priority. In this way many people will smile and say that the interrupt response time is too low and the jitter is too high… then I raise the priority and watch their expression 🙂

    I do most of my work and training on embedded systems, so I prefer this kind of "under the hood" sessions to the high-level development ones, so my opinion is a little biased toward the real-time, hardware access aspects of the OS.

    I’ll be at the MEDC in Nice.

  3. mikehall says:

    sounds like an interesting demo! – I think you should record this as a video or screen capture so you can share this.

    – Mike

  4. I’ll try to do that. But I think that the audio in Italian will not made it very useful for most of the readers of this blog… 🙂

    I’ll try to do it in english but, as you can read, I don’t know if it’ll be more useful than the italian version.

  5. Dan says:

    I would love to see that, even if it’s in italian, the code and the scenario would be understood by all.

  6. Ok. I’ve got a "one day indroduction to Windows CE" at the beginning of may and I planned to show this demo. I’ll try to record it.

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