Windows CE Real Time Video

Some time ago we recorded an interview with John Eldridge, one of the Windows CE architects to discuss Windows CE real-time capabilities - this is now posted to the Windows CE Tutorials page (look under Intermediate level). Here's a direct link. 

Windows CE, A Real-Time Operating System (Level 200)  NEW!
John Eldridge, an Architect for the Windows CE Core OS team, discusses the Real-Time characteristics of Windows CE 5.0, with Mike Hall. (33:10 minutes)

300K Version | 110K Version 

- Mike

Comments (7)

  1. Charles Pleiss says:

    This is a real innovative way of interviewing a person and it works well. Rather like in most interviews you just watch a person, this way captures more senses, sight and sound, to allow the viewer to comprehend more…

  2. mikehall says:

    Thanks Charles – the credit must go to John Kennedy from the Windows CE Docs team – here’s a link to his blog –

    – Mike

  3. Andrew says:

    Umm….. i didn’d understand it. it was boring.


  4. syhan says:

    can this be downloaded?

  5. mikehall says:

    I will check with the MSDN team to see if they can make the download available.

    – Mike

  6. david says:

    i’m looking forward on more advanced video on device driver development. thanks Mike!


  7. mikehall says:

    yep, I’d like to do a series on driver development – perhaps pick a peripheral and then document the steps needed to get this up and running with Windows CE.

    – Mike

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