Windows CE 5.0 Headless Tutorial.

I don't remember whether I posted about this or not - Last December I recorded a tutorial that shows how simple it is to build a Windows CE Headless device (link to video on my site) - I thought I had posted this to MSDN, but it's not on the Windows CE tutorials page - I will get this uploaded over the next couple of days.

BTW - I'm recording another Windows CE 5.0 tutorial tomorrow, should be posted within a week or so.

BTW #2 - The registry key used to disable VS connect security is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CoreConOverrideSecurity

- Mike

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  1. funy says:


    Thanks for your reply.

    I still have a question that how can I add the module which located in WINCE500PUBLICSERVERSOAKSAMPLES to my image.

    Looking forward to your answer.

  2. mikehall says:

    Hi, each of the samples has a makefile, some are exposed out of the catalog, if you determine which of the samples you want to add you could either look in the catalog for the component (Remote Admin for example), or copy the folder to your workspace and then add the makefile (sources) to your platform using the Project | Insert | Existing Project – and point to the Sources file for the project.

    – Mike

  3. David Vescovi says:

    One note that might be valuable for those of us debugging with VS2005 over Ethernet (not ActiveSync) i.e. common with headless designs. There seems to be error in the documentation when describing the registry key used to override security (too eliminate the need for CMaccept and the three minute timout I think). This seems to be published wrong in at least three places (including your blog).

    It states the key is "HLKMCoreconoverridesecurity=1"

    since you will get an error if you try this (values off root key not supported and no root key HLKM) my guess is it should be:




    Is this true?

  4. David Vescovi says:

    I tried my guess at what I thought the override registry setting might be and it did not work. Any way you could find out and let us know what the correct setting should be? Running the cmaccept is a pain. And yes, I am aware of the security issues associated with setting this.

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