Windows Mobile devices and themes.

I'm betting many of you have a Windows Mobile device - If you have a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC have you changed the look and feel of the UI by adding a custom theme, ringtones or other enhancements ? - if so, what theme program are you using ?

Reason for asking, I've been looking for a theme tool for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC's (and Smartphones) and haven't been able to find anything so far... Do you know of anyone working on a Windows Mobile 5 Theme tool ?

- Mike

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  1. mikehall says:

    thanks for the link – this is the Pocket PC Theme Generator for Pocket PC 2002 (which Marcus Perryman and I worked on!), this doesn’t cover Windows Mobile 5.0 – just wondering if there are any Windows Mobile 5.0 Theme Generators out there, and if not, what people are doing for customizing their devices.

    – Mike

  2. riki says:

    I wrote this which has had a couple of downloads, sorry SP only:


  3. Jack says:

    I have been waiting for an official designer from Microsoft for years.

    I have given up…

    The other third party tools available are either using a so bad GUI that I refuse to use them or cost too much money.

    This is a tool that should come free with the phone or at least be downloadable.

    I feel that Microsoft does not understand that small utilities like this is needed to make the phones/platform more popular.

  4. Rob says:

    Tried the homepage designer, but i can’t get it to work with my Imate SP5.

    Anyone tried this?

  5. Alex from Germany says:

    Hi Mike,

    saw you showing an animated XBOX/HELO theme on a HTC Universal with WM5. Where can I get this cool theme?



  6. mikehall says:

    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately the theme hasn’t been released.

    – Mike

  7. BlitBlog says:

    You can find great themes for Smartphones at Try his QVGA screens. NICE 🙂

    this one has a nice UI but for 2003 :

    hope that helps.

  8. WM5 sux says:

    WM5 sucks. there’s no utils. They took out all the good stuff about Wm2003se and stuffed it up even more.

    i.e. MP10 doesn’t load my songs automatically anymore!

    Must say I hate this new OS.

  9. Hey Mike! Great question – I’m into skinning and themes myself and I work at Microsoft India. I have the same complaints and would love for us to support themes as much as possible. XP is such a pain to skin! – Previous versions were simpler. Anyways, if you’re cooking up something for Windows Mobile 5.0 and need any designer help – count me in!

    here’s a simple one i made for the older Pocket PC:

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