MSDN Channel 9: Building a WEPOS device.

Check out the Windows Embedded for Point of Service video on MSDN Channel 9 - I dropped by Craig Jensen's office a couple of weeks ago to find out how easy it is to plug together a Point of Service/Sale system using the .NET for POS SDK and Visual Studio 2005.

- Mike 

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  1. BestSnowman says:

    Very interesting video. Is WEPOS just a custom image of XP embedded with the POS Framework installed? For example, if existing XP based POS’s were being upgraded to use the managed framework would the system need to be wiped and have WEPOS installed or would it be feasible to just install the framework on an the XP system?

  2. Kenny Smith says:

    wanted to see the video

  3. mikehall says:

    BestSnowman – now that’s the benefit of using the .NET POS Framework – you have a choice of installing the framework on an existing Windows XP based system (which means you can run other programs as well as your custom POS application) or you could install the WEPOS operating system (which is also based on Windows XP) – note that the WEPOS O/S "installs" on your target hardware in much the same way as Windows XP Professional installs on your desktop PC – this means that any existing o/s and data would be wiped.

    If you already have an existing Windows XP installation you can install the POS 1.1 .NET Framework and run your custom WEPOS application on the Windows XP system.

    – Mike

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