The future of Windows XP Embedded.

The Windows XP Embedded product has been updated twice since release, the updates brought the product in line with SP1 and SP2 from the desktop - in both case *some* embedded enabling features were added or extended (HORM being added for SP2 for example) - so where's the product headed?

Recently the Windows XP Embedded team got a new Product Unit Manager (PUM), Mark Cliggett

Mark joins the Embedded group from the developer division where he's most recently been involved with Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Mark has a blog (but doesn't post very often! - come on Mark, get blogging!) - Soon after joining the team Mark talks about where the Windows XP Embedded product is headed - more information can be found on this blog post.

Oh, and I thought it would be fun to give Mark the MEDC Muglet Treatment.

- Mike

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  1. mikehall says:

    so it’s interesting to know where the product is headed perhaps ?

    – Mike

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