Wireless USB Adapter for Windows CE 5.0

For last years Windows Embedded Student Challenge (which is running again this year!) there were two often requested drivers, USB Wireless, and USB WebCam.

If you're interested in using a natively supported USB Wireless adapter with Windows CE 5.0 you might want to check out the USRobotics Wireless MAXg USB Adapter (part # USR 5421).

- Mike

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  1. Alan says:

    Hi Mike

    What is so unique about this USB adapter? Why not anyone else? What does this "native support" mean?

  2. mikehall says:

    This is a USB RNDIS adapter, you don’t need a special/specific driver to work with this device.

    – Mike

  3. At last years Windows Embedded Student Challenge there were two frequently asked for drivers/solutions…

  4. Michele says:

    Where is possible to download the windows ce driver for this USB adapter ?

  5. mikehall says:

    You don’t need a driver, that’s the cool thing, you only need to have the appropriate SYSGENS set.


    For USB Host


    SYSGEN_USB=1 ==> usbhost & usbd

    BSP_USB_UHCI=1 ==> includes uhci.dll

    BSP_USB_OHCI=1 ==> includes ohci2.dll

    BSP_USB_EHCI=1 ==> includes ehci.dll




    For USB Function


    SYSGEN_USBFN_NET2280=1 ==> to have net2280

    SYSGEN_USBFN_SERIAL=1 ==> to have serialusbfn


    For RNDIS Host


    SYSGEN_ETH_USB_HOST ==> To have usb8023 & rndimp included


    For RNDIS Function



    – Mike

  6. Mary says:

    Hello!Mike, we’re badly in need of your help.

    How can we add BSP_USB_UHCI=1, BSP_USB_OHCI=1 ,and BSP_USB_EHCI together? when we try to do it, we can only choose one of them, then a dialogue appeared to make sure whether you would change to another choice.

    And another question pls, we can’t find RNDIS Host, would you please guide us? We appreciate your help a lot

    Best regards

  7. Matt says:

    Is there any way to have a wireless adapter for a non-wireless USB device. i.e. plug wireless adapter part (a) to the Computer, plug wireless adapter part (b) to the device, providing a wireless link from a computer USB port to a device with a USB cable?

  8. mikehall says:

    The USB/USR part listed above could be put into your Windows CE device – you could have another USB wireless device in your PC and communicate between them.

    – Mike

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