Windows Embedded for Point of Service 1.0 SDK Download.

The Windows Embedded for Point of Service 1.0 SDK (WEPOS SDK) is available for download 6.5MB - this gives you all of the framework classes needed to start writing and testing your POS applications on your development PC - You can order the WEPOS CD (which contains the WEPOS installer and the SDK) from the WindowsEmbeddedKit site.

- Mike

Comments (4)

  1. Kevin Parker says:


    Can you please direct me to SOMEWHERE to get some help here. I am a new developer, forced to learn .NET because of my job. I cant find ANYTHING on how to create a simple application to read from a magnetic card reader. Microsoft publishes all the good stuff you can do. HOW?!?!!!? example?! Something! Is there a book out there??

  2. mikehall says:

    Hi Kevin,

    When you install the WEPOS SDK you get a sample application installed to C:Program FilesMicrosoft Point Of ServiceSDKSamplesSample ApplicationSource

    This contains sample code for a MSR – and of course check the MSR documentation from the WEPOS SDK.

    – Mike

  3. sundaresan says:

    I me new to the embedded world. I have received the Windows Embedded POS CD and would like to write some samples to show demo for some of the clients. Let’s say i need to create a UI for a retail check-out line which supports smartcards. Where do i start? Are there any sample applications for these kind of real time scenarios?



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