Presentation/Demo at Embedded World Germany.

I've been thinking about my session at Embedded World Germany - at first I thought I had a one hour session, it turns out that all sessions at the event are 30 minutes - hmm... what can be covered in 30 minutes, I had planned on using a mixture of slides (to send everyone to sleep) and demos (to wake them back up again) - given that the session is really only about 20 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A/Discussion I don't think slides are worth using, so my plan is to launch into 20 minutes of demo - the subject "Streamlining Embedded Operating System Development".

I'm sure you attend a number of events/conferences through out the year, do you prefer to sit through 60 minutes of slideware or demoware ?

- Mike

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  1. Oesda says:

    There is no option —> Demoware is the best one.

    Why you should invest 1 hr of your time sleeping in the middle of a presentation with slides?

    Slideware is for Kindergarden.

    If you have slides as support or with important info, give it to the attendants to check the info after event, but not during a demoware.

    Demoware is the best one Mike!

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