The Chris Pirillo Show – Live!

Last night I was over at Chris Pirillo's house with Vikram Dendi (Vik lives in the office next to me) 

Chris was busy recording The Chris Pirillo Show  - This weeks show covering Windows Evangelism and Automation

There were a number of well known faces hanging out with Chris, these included...

Brady Forrest from MSN Search
Buzz Bruggeman from ActiveWords (I got a cool demo from Buzz once he got finished with his portion of the Pirillo show) - would be nice to see this up and running on Windows Mobile devices!)
Vikram Dendi (Mobile and Embedded Devices Group)
Travis Petershagen (Microsoft Studios)

And others, I didn't get to capture their blog/podcast details - perhaps next time...

Watching the show being recorded was pretty interesting, I'd like to grab a video interview with Chris to walk through his recording/broadcast setup for the show.

While the show was going out everyone else was hanging out in the lounge, playing XBOX 360 games (Geometry Wars is visually stunning [especially on the LARGE plasma Chris has in his lounge]) - Chris also has a rather good sound system hooked up to the XBOX 360, at one point the sound from the games was interfering with the radio show and needed to be turned down [Ridge Racer was being played at the time] - I'm pretty sure the neighbors were enjoying the games just as much as we were.

- Mike

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  1. A good time was had by all! I would love to find someone to help us get ActiveWords on WinMobile…Any ideas?

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