Chris Lanfear (Industry Analyst) Embedded Blog

Chris Lanfear inustry analyst on Embedded Systems has started a blog On Target: Embedded Systems (actually started in December 2005) - Looks like this might be worth keeping an eye on...

Chris has covered a number of subjects, including a look at Windows CE Real-Time Capabilities 

Here's a quote from the blog post...

Windows CE is in a wide variety of devices. Probably a more varied collection than most industry observers would give them credit for supporting. Many don't have the Windows logo, some are headless and some would even be the types of devices that traditional RTOS players would like to be in. Microsoft will be in increasing competition with the traditional OS players in key markets like automotive, consumer devices and industrial automation.

The article also links to the EETimes article covering Windows CE 4.2 and Real-Time and an Embedded Computing article talking about Windows CE 5.0 and Real-Time.

- Mike

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